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In the spring or early summer of 1584 a toddler strolled in the great gallery of Leicester House, his father’s palatial London residence. At some point the little boy climbed a stool before a painting and started embellishing it. Some five years later the child’s exercise in contemporary art was recorded in an inventory of the Earl of Leicester’s picture collection:

A counterfeit of a gentlewoman in a petticoat of yellow satin (all broken and quite defaced by my young lord, ut dicitur [as it is said]).1

That this incident was still talked of when both the little lord and his father – the lord of the house – were dead indicates the uproar it caused; we do not know whether the undutiful nanny was dismissed. That such a small boy, the eyeball of his loving parents, was able to play around unsupervised says a lot about 16th century…

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Another Government ‘Fag packet’ proposal for Benefit Sanctions & Cuts ?

I totally agree with your comments and depression and anxiety as you say is so not a one size fixes all and the idea that yet again the Government appears to be herding people’s illness be it mental or physical one or both, into a one label format turns my stomach , CBT. Is so not a cure all for anxiety,,, when you have a incur able physical body medical issue as I have had for 15 years and no meds work to solve the physical problem or operations, yes you suffer anxiety it’s only natural .but sitting in a chair or whatever doing CBT did not make my physical body illness go away. Talking about childhood talking at empty chairs pretending they are somehow going to cure said physical body illness is a joke.
From my experience the NHS is not geared up enough anyway with trained Counsellors. I got a trainee who was not allowed a pager to her office and as my physical illness sometimes prevents me being able to walk there was no facility to contact her or for her office to pass messages on if I had to cancel. All this generalisation and cattling people into ‘neat one size fits all’ mentality is terribly worrying. As you say is this yet another case of the Government hurling out an idea into the ether to see what happens with no real planning or forward thinking? I rather think it is.
So thanks for blogging this .


Rarely do I come across a Tory Policy proposal that makes me both Smile (albeit at the irony) and Shudder (with fear); but today’s report in the Telegraph does exactly this; “Hundreds of thousands of benefit claimants face being stripped of their state allowances if they refuse to undergo treatment for anxiety and depression“, this worries me on several levels.

The article quotes their source as saying “We know that depression and anxiety are treatable conditions. Cognitive behavioural therapies work and they get people stable again but you can’t mandate people to take that treatment“; I totally agree with the closing proviso but the apparent claim CBT works for depression and anxiety is False.

Firstly Depression is not a ‘one size fits all’ disorder, there are different types of this debilitating illness, and a notion it can be conveniently summed up to enforce potentially damaging treatment is downright…

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Could the truth be stranger than Esther McVey’s Wikipedia entry?

Mike Sivier's blog


It appears that somebody with a social conscience has edited Esther McVey’s Wikipedia entry to provide what some might call a more accurate description of her Parliamentary responsibilities.

For a short period earlier today, it seems the entry began: “Esther Louise McVey (born 24 October 1967) is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wirral West since 2010, and the Assistant Grim Reaper for Disabled People since 2012, second only to Iain Duncan Smith. She was previously a television presenter and businesswoman before deciding to branch out into professional lying and helping disabled people into the grave.” [Italics mine]

The edits have since been erased but at the time of writing, the entry starts: “Esther “no brains” McVey (born 24 October 1767)”.

Also embarrassing for the Employment Minister is the section on her Twitter faux pas during the memorial…

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It’s Not Rocket Science and we are so not in Kansas anymore.

Well dear Reader here we are again.. Been contemplating my next Blog and thought I would aim for something positive but I’m just so angry and in pain that’s not going to happen today.

15 years of a rare heart condition being completely ill managed by the Medical Profession. Not through want of trying on my part. No shrinking violet me.. A true ‘tenacious terrier’ my husband calls me..
The files on letters, emails etc I’ve written to try and get help ,are now so heavy I can’t lift them.

People say
‘hey you have a rare condition so that must make the Doctors act quicker to help..’ Sheer bullshit.

Found my first Cardiac Consultant letter of 15 years ago the other day it read ..’this patient is neurotic ..’ So now 5 cardiologists later… Exhaustion beyond words, a heart op which didn’t work and left me with more problems… Back procedure…That’s DEFINETELY a neurotic issue.

Been housebound now more or less permanently since October and the heart op , have had a serious disc issue in my lumbar which now my Osteopath can’t solve so got referred to an Orthapaedic Consultant.
Diagnosis: inactivity due to heart op exacerbated long term back issue due to immobility to the extent in permanent excruciating pain and little mobility. Severe irreversible damage to muscle and ligament = wastage. Oh and my age isn’t helping even though I’m not old.

Had to cancel 3 Heart Consults due to this.. Yes it’s life I hear you cry .. But 6 weeks ago I was told I was and have been eligible for Transport to and from Hospital appointments.
I work from home with my husband I claim nothing as not eligible and luckily we manage, just.. But I need physical help the hospital is two hours away.
My Cardiologist Secretary told me 6 weeks ago that my GP Practice sets this up initially then they the hospital take over the Transport.
Ring the GP Practice she said.
I expect when you had your Heart Op last October the GP filled you in on this on her home visits…She said.
Home visits say I? What are they. in 2014 they don’t exist I said.
Oh they do she said, after a Heart Op.. Or they should.
I laughed
My husband had to literally half carry me in after my Heart Op to see the GP.

She was so not coming to me.

Cardiologist Secretary says.. Well you must have known about Transport Help from GP practice.
No indeed says I… Aghast and weeping with pain.
Ring the GP she says.
Long story short 5 weeks it took even with written confirmation from my CCG for the GP Practice to actually listen and take 5 minutes to follow up my query.
Guess what dear Reader, spookily I was correct. Spookily so was the Cardiologist Secretsry.
Weird that.

The waiting lists are so long it’s literally months before you can get an appointment to see your Cardiologist, unless you pay.
Then if you pay for one Consult out of sheer desperation, the Private Side and NHS side of the same hospital war with each other and your notes get ‘lost”.
Not a good feeling when you are about to have Heart Surgery and the Hospital is asking YOU the patient for detailed information on medicines tried that you are allergic to over the last 15 years.
No drugs work on my heart problem
Another op won’t work.
So am just being monitored or at least supposed to be.
I had to beg my GP in a letter to get checked at the Practice because of my physical state and the wait for a rearranged appointment , which was no fault of my own.

I am not stupid I know the NHS knees are buckling but it’s the Admin not the Nurses and Doctors at fault.

There is no continuity between Hospitals and GP Practices, Private Healthcare and NHS on the Admin side.

The refrain is .. ‘Well it’s the system, or the paperwork and computer systems don’t link up… It wasn’t me…’ On it goes.

Well sorry’Hospital Admin ‘it’s not Rocket Science… It’s common sense and communication.
Communication : An issue where we are inundated on every day… Internet, Facebook. Twitter, Linked in… And yet it’s a million times worse.
Yes we have millions more patients than the 1950’s.
But what a Patient doesn’t want to hear and shouldn’t and we do is:

‘ I have no notes in your file, you have wasted my time!’
When THEY have lost them.

A Patient doesn’t want to hear as they are wheeled into an Operating Theatre:

” Your notes are lost can you tell me the dozens of years and dozens of names of drugs you are allergic to before we launch into your Heart’

A Patient doesn’t want to hear:

‘You need Non Emergency Transport Assistance as you are too weak, too ill to travel unaided ? This doesn’t exist try and find your own way.. ‘

It does.

This is when as a human being you realise you are in fact Invisible to them, they want you to disappear. All the supposed organisations set up to help you like PALS etc don’t make me laugh… I’m still waiting for a reply from October 2013 on how to cope after a Heart Op.

So like the Wicked Witch in Oz dearie just pour water over me and et voila your problem will disappear!

Unemployed Man Suing PM For £1 Million In Freedom Of Speech Battle

It is getting seriously worrying the way Cameron and the government are demonising the vulnerable. This country has supposedly the right to free speech but it appears to be disappearing through clever legal loopholes. I have not actually read this mans email but he must be allowed the right to protest. I hope he wins . I’m assuming he has extremely good legal representation and that they are doing it pro bono.

Same Difference

An unemployed Holton-le-Clay man is suing Prime Minister David Cameron for £1 million in a battle over freedom of speech.

Jobseeker Harvey Stone claims he was unlawfully prosecuted for sending the government an email protesting against their treatment of the unemployed.

The father of one,of South View, says his struggle to find a job has been made infinitely harder after he sent a “protest email” to the government over George Osbourne’s “Help to Work” scheme, and was charged with a criminal offence as a result.

Mr Stone, who is married with a 16-month old daughter, says he was charged with an offence under the Malicious Communications Act 1988, after sending the email, protesting against the Chancellor’s controversial plans to make the unemployed perform unpaid labour.

The family man, who says the Tory leader has “allowed his government to discriminate against and criminalize the unemployed”, through the much-criticised policy, claims his…

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