Another Government ‘Fag packet’ proposal for Benefit Sanctions & Cuts ?

I totally agree with your comments and depression and anxiety as you say is so not a one size fixes all and the idea that yet again the Government appears to be herding people’s illness be it mental or physical one or both, into a one label format turns my stomach , CBT. Is so not a cure all for anxiety,,, when you have a incur able physical body medical issue as I have had for 15 years and no meds work to solve the physical problem or operations, yes you suffer anxiety it’s only natural .but sitting in a chair or whatever doing CBT did not make my physical body illness go away. Talking about childhood talking at empty chairs pretending they are somehow going to cure said physical body illness is a joke.
From my experience the NHS is not geared up enough anyway with trained Counsellors. I got a trainee who was not allowed a pager to her office and as my physical illness sometimes prevents me being able to walk there was no facility to contact her or for her office to pass messages on if I had to cancel. All this generalisation and cattling people into ‘neat one size fits all’ mentality is terribly worrying. As you say is this yet another case of the Government hurling out an idea into the ether to see what happens with no real planning or forward thinking? I rather think it is.
So thanks for blogging this .


Rarely do I come across a Tory Policy proposal that makes me both Smile (albeit at the irony) and Shudder (with fear); but today’s report in the Telegraph does exactly this; “Hundreds of thousands of benefit claimants face being stripped of their state allowances if they refuse to undergo treatment for anxiety and depression“, this worries me on several levels.

The article quotes their source as saying “We know that depression and anxiety are treatable conditions. Cognitive behavioural therapies work and they get people stable again but you can’t mandate people to take that treatment“; I totally agree with the closing proviso but the apparent claim CBT works for depression and anxiety is False.

Firstly Depression is not a ‘one size fits all’ disorder, there are different types of this debilitating illness, and a notion it can be conveniently summed up to enforce potentially damaging treatment is downright…

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