Richard III in a car park — since 1962

Interesting for those who follow the continuing story of Richard lll

Gawain's Mum

ImageImageImageImageThe Wikipedia page on ‘The Exhumation of Richard III’ points out that back in 1986 David Baldwin, a University lecturer, suggested that the body of King Richard III was buried in the Greyfriars area of Leicester. Of course this suggestion wasn’t followed up until August 2012.

However, a friend points out that Mrs Audrey Strange published an article in The Ricardian (the journal of the Richard III society) in 1975 which argued that Richard III had been buried in Greyfriars church and that his body was under the Council car park.

In fact, Audrey Strange wrote to the Leicester Museums service on the subject in 1962, suggesting that the car park be excavated. The Keeper of Antiquities declined to dig up the car park and invited her to get involved in other archaeological digs around the county. Regrettably, Mrs Strange’s original letter doesn’t appear to survive, but her family…

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