Middle Child Syndrome – Middle Ages Style

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The general belief is that Middle Child Syndrome occurs when the middle child of a family feels hard done by – they feel that they get the blame for everything, that what they do is never good enough and that life is, basically, unfair. They particularly feel that younger siblings ‘get off lightly’ and that older siblings are ‘the Chosen One’, as far as their parents are concerned.

As a middle child myself I can tell you that it is not a feeling, it is a FACT! Life is unfair! The middle child gets the blame for EVERYTHING! The older sibling is the ‘Chosen One’, he is perfection personified and you get sick of hearing ‘why can’t you be more like your brother?’ And don’t get me started on the younger sibling, they’re ‘too young to know better, so you should’; I learnt this the hard way – my baby…

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Reasons Why Richard III Loved the North, with Specific Reference to Yorkshire, his most Beloved Country

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I had planned another serious blog for today, exploring the differences in looks, personalities and characters of Richard of Shrewsbury and Perkin Warbeck, but due to my particularly unfortunate personal circumstances this week, I have decided to take a light hearted look at the reasons why Richard of Gloucester who became Richard III, liked the North of England.

My week has been terrible. Mrs Jefferty Jeff discovered my attraction to Mrs Shonas and having had a hissy fit, flounced off to stay with her mother. Imagine Margaret Beaufort crossed with Ivan the Terrible and you will have some idea of Mrs JJ in a temper.

But, to the blog: I am doing this as a little test for you, gentle reader. One of the facts is fictitious, the rest are fact*.  The first person to give me the correct answer will win – er –  I  will leave it at…

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Did the Recent DNA Analysis of Richard Reveal one Further Mystery?

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The discovery of the remains of Richard III in August 2012 has been widely reported along with the subsequent findings of the DNA analysis, but Mrs. Janna Shonas, a contract cleaner for the buildings in which the remains were housed and examined, has reported confidentially to me that not all the evidence was made public.

The lady, a well educated woman of 53 from Eastern Europe who speaks excellent English, recalls the excitement the day that it was discovered from the DNA that Richard was not only a twin, but  was a conjoined twin at birth.

Richard’s mother Cecily Neville, Duchess of York (3 May 1415 – 31 May 1495) was very used to giving birth. She had been delivered of eleven children before Richard but this birth was said to be very troublesome. It is not likely (as was said) that he was two years in the womb and…

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Was the Elder Prince in the Tower actually a Princess?

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A day or three ago, I found myself wafting through the Tower of London, as you do, with my feet shuffling along the cordoned off path of the twenty-first century, in the hope of catching the echo of voices from the past. I was musing over the story of the Princes, as they’re never far from my thoughts, especially when all the other modern visitors fade away and, just for a moment, I’m left alone in one of the thick-stone-walled rooms. And that’s when I like to put out my hand, and touch the stone with my fingertips and imagine I’m back then, in those barbaric days. It fair sends a shiver through my spine, I assure you; I’m back there, then, with the footsteps of the Tower guard rushing up the staircase and the cannon booming, and then someone’s mobile goes off in the next room and the spell…

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