Middle Child Syndrome – Middle Ages Style

Could be on to something ….

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The general belief is that Middle Child Syndrome occurs when the middle child of a family feels hard done by – they feel that they get the blame for everything, that what they do is never good enough and that life is, basically, unfair. They particularly feel that younger siblings ‘get off lightly’ and that older siblings are ‘the Chosen One’, as far as their parents are concerned.

As a middle child myself I can tell you that it is not a feeling, it is a FACT! Life is unfair! The middle child gets the blame for EVERYTHING! The older sibling is the ‘Chosen One’, he is perfection personified and you get sick of hearing ‘why can’t you be more like your brother?’ And don’t get me started on the younger sibling, they’re ‘too young to know better, so you should’; I learnt this the hard way – my baby…

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