Prince John and the first use of an iconic English phrase

Hilarious love it!

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On hearing of Richard I’s release from his German prison, Prince John wrote to the King of France, saying how ‘heureux’ he was that his brother was on his way home, and that he was going to Nottingham Castle to prepare a Welcome Home Party.

However, it seems some mischievous scribe changed the wording of the letter. By adding 3 little letters, changing the word ‘heureux’ to ‘malheureux’, he changed the whole meaning of the letter and the ‘welcome home party’ took on a sinister meaning. King Philip II Augustus of France was a master at stirring up trouble and wasted no time in alerting Richard to his brother’s, apparently, rebellious intentions.

So Richard arrived home to discover his brother was ‘holed up’ in Nottingham Castle and headed North to ‘deal’ with him.

When John saw his brother’s forces, he panicked – the party wasn’t quite ready yet, not all…

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