The Truth About Richard III’s Illegitimate Children

At last the reality of his goodnessđź‘Ť

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As the most moral of kings, Richard III is known to have railed against the sexual excesses of his enemies.  Non-Ricardians (or Richard haters, to describe them more accurately and succinctly) have pointed to Richard’s being the father of two illegitimate children of his own in order to accuse him of hypocrisy. But were the children actually Richard’s own?

Richard III. His benevolence simply shines forth. Richard III. His benevolence simply shines forth.

First, it should be noted that the identity of the children’s mothers cannot be confirmed, though traditionalist historians have put forth various candidates. No chronicle mentions Richard’s having a mistress or mistresses, and Richard’s household records do not furnish any clues. While some have pointed out that Richard’s private life was of little interest before he became king, and that his household records are not extant, the far more logical explanation is that no source mentions Richard’s mistress  or mistresses because he did not…

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