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…Relating to the Reign of King Richard The Third And Destroyed On The Orders Of King Henry The Seventh.

This is the definitive list, compiled over many years, following many clues, filing in gaps with logical precision and comprising the entire Lost History of Richard III.

The Great Vellum Destruction (as it was never known) was only one part of a two part process, the other part being The Great Evidence Forgery. Both activities were undertaken by monks from the Sancta et Secreta Ordinis Perniciem et Simulans which was housed in the cellars of what is now Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. It was known only to a few people and they talked about it in code, referring to it only as The Slash, Burn and Make Things Up Squad. The monks were well fed, well housed and double sworn to secrecy, each of them personally pinkie-swearing with…

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