Anne Neville, Queen of England

Interesting blog on a Queen that has almost been lost to us

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Anne Neville Queen of England

One of the more enigmatic queens of England, we know precious little about her and her personal feelings. Was she a pawn in the strategies of her father and her husband? Or was she ambitious and a schemer? Did she know of her husband’s plans for taking the throne of England?

Anne Neville was born on June 11, 1456 at Warwick Castle. She was the younger of two daughters of Richard Neville, sixteenth Earl of Warwick and sixth earl of Salisbury who would later become known as the Kingmaker. Her mother was Anne Beauchamp, heiress to both the earldom of Warwick and to the Despenser properties, a vast inheritance. Anne and her sister Isabel were the paramount heiresses of their day.

Anne probably had her own establishment growing up, possibly as an extension of her sister’s household. The two girls would have been taught the essentials of becoming a medieval…

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