Life With Lucy ❤️   

i decided to write a short blog , not much but just to say how real and true the love can be When you bring a pet into your lives.

Lucy….our Furry Angel a story that needs to be told.

We lost our 13 year old Dog Lucy on Wednesday 29 July 2015. She chose us as a young pup …she was the most gorgeous Cocker Spaniel…she was tiny…she came running up to us out of a litter of 5. She was the only lady amongst her brothers . There was no doubt she was instantly our family. My dear husband, not known for impulse buying if you like, disappeared into the kennel she was in…I was still talking as was our son about how gorgeous she was. It was 4.55pm a week before Christmas, the kennels were literally trying to lock up.

I looked round. My Husband wasn’t there . Then our son disappeared with a woosh inside. I followed.

The kennel owner was an abrupt lady who literally barked harder than any of the pups…she said ‘you want to hold that one?’ But she’s a bitch. Have a male!’ We had always had dogs in our lives. So we said ‘No bring her to us’. And out came this tiny wriggling bundle of licky love teeny tail thrashing. Our Son picked her up and said quite simply ‘Hello Lucy’. She licked his nose and the rest is history.

For 13 years this loving gentle stoic beautiful animal was in our lives. 

She never growled bit or hurt a soul. She truly was all goodness , all heart.

 She lived with us through dark times when parents were gravely ill , our son too very ill for years. We had bright loving times full of laughter , long walks, dragging her out of rivers, gentle wrestling games, cuddles …she was a true cocker spaniel in that she would literally eat anything and everything.

She would sit in our small garden on a sunny day gazing up into the blue skies for hours , whiffling.  She was a born philosopher in that furry coat. Her eyes were dark and wise.

When one of us was in pain. There she was. Cuddling and loving us. Demanding nothing yet giving everything her small body could in love and companionship.

When you came in she would be sitting by her treat box, head cocked to one side as if to say ‘come on I’m starving humans come on!’

She was fascinated by babies and young kids and as a buggy rolled by, she would sit and gaze into it at the tiny person inside. She was a natural nurturer. She loved going to be groomed. She drank out of drains so her spaniel ears would get crusty on the edges…when she had had her beauty treatment (!) out she would sashay… A true canine ‘Marilyn Monroe’ fluffy smelling of baby powder and joy. We have become, through her, close friends of the family who groomed her and welcomed into their family for weddings and christenings.

When our grandkids came along, they adored her, she them. Our granddaughter would sit with her in her bed cuddling for hours. Our tiny grandson reaching out to stroke her soft fur in wonder.

She would come with us to visit my husbands mother who had severe Parkinson’s in her nursing home and be fed biscuits by all the other guests there.

She would sit patiently as they petted her. Loved her.

She loved Bushey Park and would sashay amongst the bracken tongue lolling, eyes bright with life.

When I got ill and became housebound several years ago she never left my side. She snuggled with me. Listened to my whittering conversation, tapped me on my shoulder with her paw when it was her mealtime.

She waited by the front door for my husband to return from work every evening. If he was out late she lay there big eyes gazing , waiting and pacing.

Two years ago she got cancer. She was so stoic so uncomplaining she never whimpered whined so we knew it was bad when she did suddenly start. The vet sent us with her to a marvellous animal hospital near Luton. It was touch and go. But after big operations and two weeks she was home. They couldn’t get rid of all the tumours but said she had a year at most.

Well she showed them. The last two years she was obviously slower but happy fit and guzzling her nosh. 

We all had two more glorious unexpected years.

Then a few days ago it changed she was in pain. Nothing could be done but we held her thanking her loving her as she slipped peacefully into doggy heaven. She was unique. 

She wasn’t a ‘pet’ she was family.

The house  is so empty but whilst we weep we also feel honoured she was in our lives. 

Today we will mourn but she will always be in our hearts . Our sweet girl….our Lucy x

The house is too quiet without you

You haven’t poked me awake

There’s no furry nose on my duvet

Or toast n honey for you to take
You had a heart as big as a planet

You ate everything and anything like a gannet

Your beautiful eyes were always smiling

And you’d always cuddle me awake.
I still hear your paws on the staircase

I still hear you in the hall

I automatically fill up your food bowl 

Forgetting your not here at all
Your love was so unconditional

We stuck to each other like glue

You were my furry salvation

Tell me what will I do without you?
I know now you are up in rainbow heaven

I know you are out of pain

I know that that is the best thing

As you deserved sunshine not rain.
But Lucy sweet Lucy we miss you

Our hearts feel like they’re fit to burst

You will never ever be forgotten

Of this I can promise for sure

And we thank you for all the time you gave us

Right down to the poke with your paw
So darling sweet darling Lucy you rest and whiffle with joy

We will meet again one day on that rainbow

And then will cuddle forever and say

Thank you oh thank you for loving us

We love you more than we can say

We know you’re safe and must stay there

But we will be walking again with you one day.
So sleep tight little furry angel

Sleep tight and know you were loved

Sleep tight , run free without pain

Until we see you again

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