Life at 56 and three quartersl

Life as I know It at 56 and three quarters.
Always be The Good Child

Always Understand

Never talk of Private Things

It might get out of hand
Love me unconditionally however alone you feel

Don’t divulge secrets you know we have a deal

Dont do as I do, Do as I say

Don’t go with your instincts lock them clean away.
Don’t tell me your childhood fears or woes

Don’t tell me they were bad

Because I had it worse than you, so you don’t know how to be sad!
When you try and love me and help me through and through

Only do it my way, or I will reject you

Understand my foibles understand my pain

Don’t tell me about my mental health because in that there’s shame

If you try and keep me safe I will think you are insane 
Don’t let doctors help me when I’m clearly really ill

Don’t come round my house with any kind of pill

Help me until you drop and when you can do no more

Then I will turn on you and show to you the door.
My love is unconditional in a very conditional way

So live your life quietly please,put on your clownish mask 

Don’t come to me crying I really don’t want to ask
Don’t tell me I need more help, or ways to be more free

Don’t let me accept anyone’s help

Because I’m frightened of insanity

If you find me somewhere else to live

I will always assume the worst

Even though you’ve never hurt me

I will always assume you’re bad

So play the game or shut up

Or enough of the relationship I will have had
I know deep down you love me

And have always cared

I know you’ve held me in your arms when I’ve been really scared

I know that you gently told me you only want to help

But now I can’t remember and you must just jog on

I am sceptical of your motives now my cognition has well and truly gone
I know that you know these things

But I really don’t care at all

Because you are the worst daughter and you need to have a fall 
So don’t call me anymore or visit me or phone

I’d rather sit and stew and fume and be here all alone.

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