Did the Recent DNA Analysis of Richard Reveal one Further Mystery?

Beginning to feel in an alternate universe this week

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The discovery of the remains of Richard III in August 2012 has been widely reported along with the subsequent findings of the DNA analysis, but Mrs. Janna Shonas, a contract cleaner for the buildings in which the remains were housed and examined, has reported confidentially to me that not all the evidence was made public.

The lady, a well educated woman of 53 from Eastern Europe who speaks excellent English, recalls the excitement the day that it was discovered from the DNA that Richard was not only a twin, but  was a conjoined twin at birth.

Richard’s mother Cecily Neville, Duchess of York (3 May 1415 – 31 May 1495) was very used to giving birth. She had been delivered of eleven children before Richard but this birth was said to be very troublesome. It is not likely (as was said) that he was two years in the womb and…

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