Reasons Why Richard III Loved the North, with Specific Reference to Yorkshire, his most Beloved Country

Absolute genius keep them coming!

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I had planned another serious blog for today, exploring the differences in looks, personalities and characters of Richard of Shrewsbury and Perkin Warbeck, but due to my particularly unfortunate personal circumstances this week, I have decided to take a light hearted look at the reasons why Richard of Gloucester who became Richard III, liked the North of England.

My week has been terrible. Mrs Jefferty Jeff discovered my attraction to Mrs Shonas and having had a hissy fit, flounced off to stay with her mother. Imagine Margaret Beaufort crossed with Ivan the Terrible and you will have some idea of Mrs JJ in a temper.

But, to the blog: I am doing this as a little test for you, gentle reader. One of the facts is fictitious, the rest are fact*.  The first person to give me the correct answer will win – er –  I  will leave it at…

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